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Perhaps it‘s the Lake that gives us the farsighted vision. The freshness, to constantly find new ways of moving the concept of Seating forwards. To immerse ourselves deeper in the details. To try and try again, until we come up with new solutions as unique as the Lake itself. Because we are constantly driven to sail ahead, instead of just going with the flow. Klober sees itself as a Quality Brand; a standard-bearer in the elegant blending of Design, Ergonomics and Emotion. Enthusiastically received by our customers and employees alike. And by everybody interested in innovative office seating concepts, with a handwriting all of their own. Klober is a leading manufacturer of high-quality office seating throughout Europe. The company has been recognised on the market as an authority in the field of office seating for over seven decades now, thanks to an accomplished combination of ergonomics and design in innovative products tailored to people’s needs. This synthesis lends the Klöber brand its identity and distinguishes it from the competition. Klober’s clear and distinctive design is aimed at achieving lasting value. Industrial health requirements receive due consideration in collaboration with renowned designers. The resultant products combine high aesthetic standards with sophisticated ergonomics, advanced technology and environmentally compatible construction and production. Klober offers a broad spectrum of seating products for offices and other commercial and public premises. Development, design, production, sales and marketing are all in-house processes, making Klober a genuine German-based manufacturer, rather than a mere assembler of outsourced components.





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